• Wessex Water Tank Refurbishment

    Refurbishment of the concrete water tanks at Ashford WTW, which had been damaged by persistent chemical attack from the treatment process. The concrete substrate was showing extensive signs of erosion resulting in 20mm losses in some areas. Best Coatings was asked to provide a 20 year guaranteed solution for the repair and refurbishment at Ashford WTW.

  • Wessex Water inlet tank repair and refurbishment

    A 6x6x6 meter main sewerage inlet tank was in need of major refurbishment, after damage caused from long term exposure to high levels of H2S, which, combined with its close proximity to the sea resulted in extensive spooling and substrate losses of over 100 mm in places.

  • TES to large composting facility

    A large composting facility was showing signs of coating failure from the 100% humidity and chemical attack due to the nature of the composting process.

  • Concrete Ring Interceptor Tank Renovation

    A 5m deep by 2.4m diameter concrete reinforced, precast ring section interceptor tank had been exposed to high levels of H2S over many decades and was almost on the point of being replaced due to the high amounts of substrate degradation.

  • Septic Tank Renovation

    A 5000 gallon brick septic tank had high levels of water infiltration filling the tank every 48 hours with ground water, resulting in high emptying costs and to the local environment.

  • Iron Ore Hopper, Sweden

    One of the world’s largest underground mines wanted to extend the life of a process hopper, that had been highlighted as suffering from corrosion to the lower steel cone during an inspection. The hopper is responsible for storing and dispensing thousands of tonnes of processed iron ore granules every week, a task crucial to the mine.