A 5000 gallon brick septic tank had high levels of water infiltration filling the tank every 48 hours with ground water, resulting in high emptying costs and to the local environment.


  • The tank was jetted then wet abrasive blasted to remove all weak substrate allowing us to achieve full adhesion with are Ultracoat protective coating.
  • Areas of high infiltration were injected with our water stop injection system to stop ground water from entering the tank during coating works.
  • Tank was then sprayed with an acid etch then followed by a anti microbial wash to kill any bacteria that may affect the bond between the Ultracoat and the substrate.
  • Tank was then coated with 6mm of Ultracoat pure epoxy coating system. The tank was only out of service for three days from start to finish.


Another successful project undertaken by Best Coatings Limited. The UK leader in tank, bund and sump lining and in sprayed foam and polyurea solutions.


Client: Cascadia Water
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Surface Area: 450,000 m2
Completed: 2012


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