A 5m deep by 2.4m diameter concrete reinforced, precast ring section interceptor tank had been exposed to high levels of H2S over many decades and was almost on the point of being replaced due to the high amounts of substrate degradation.


  • The tank was pumped to its lower limits and high level inlets were capped, the lowest inlet was left open due to no being able to cap due to not being able to over pump that inlet with out causing mager problems futher down the water works. The tank was jetted with our HPWJ rig at 20,000 psi with a rotary jetting head to remove all weak and degraded concrete substrate to expose the solid concrete and exposed re-bar reinforcement. The tank was then inspected to check the re-bar and substrate losses, this was deamed to be just within limits.
  • Tank was then sprayed with an acid etch then followed by a anti microbial wash to kill any bacteria that may affect the bond between the Ultracoat and the substrate.
  • Tank was then coated with 6mm of Ultracoat pure epoxy coating system.
  • The tank was only out of service from 6am -8pm the same day from start to finish.


Another successful project undertaken by Best Coatings Limited. The UK leader in tank, bund and sump lining and in sprayed foam and polyurea solutions.


Client: Thames Water
Location: London, England
Surface Area: 4,500 m2
Completed: 2012

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