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Spray Foam
Spray Foam

Spray Foam

Best Coatings Europe polyurethane closed cell foam is used on both the interior and exterior of agricultural buildings, canal barges, internal and external industrial buildings to name a few.

Best Coatings Europe polyurethane foam is light weight and the most efficient insulation available and with savings of up to 50% on heating and cooling costs, a new foam roof will soon pay for itself. A reflective top coating combined with high R values means better environment responsibility with lower environmental impact.

Best Coatings Europe polyurethane foam is an HCFC and CFC free, plural component, 1:1 ratio foam system which, when processed through the Best Coatings spray system, will produce a rigid foam of approximate density 35kg/m3 with exceptionally good compressive strength and service temperature ranges.

A typical application will ensure the following benefits:

  • Thermal heat loss can be reduced by up to 95%
  • Noise levels are reduced
  • The foam acts as a thermal brake to significantly reduce condensation
  • Spray applied insulation eliminates voids in which vermin can roam
  • The structure is strengthened
  • The capital outlay will be recovered in a short space of time

Best Coatings Europe spray foam internally applied systems when tested achieve a Class 1 rating for surface spread of flame conforming to BS476 Part 7 1987, a Class 0 system is also available, It also has the highest insulation value of any other insulation product on the market.

Our work comes with a 25-years guarantee.

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